Welcome to our world – a place that is more vibrant with each new satisfied customer. Our world is a place where your voice is clearly heard, earnestly studied, and then beautifully amplified. We are all styles of music, compelling voiceovers, zany characters, and assistance with creative concepts and copy.

Our world is your world, and it is never ordinary.

-Kenny Adamson, Principal Consultant

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Healthcare Voiceover Sample, Kenny Adamson

Healthcare Voiceover Sample, Nikki Lu Lowe
Kenny and Partners’ Studio Demo

Marketing Communications

Our network of experienced voice actors, copywriters, and producers are comfortable with projects ranging from a simple hour or two of editing to complex product launch or e-book projects. We are well-qualified to handle just about any audio visual project you can toss at us – in English or Spanish!

We welcome your medical, pharmaceutical, or healthcare project. Look to us for great ethnic and cultural guidance too. Our talented voiceover team includes many zany original characters. We also perform many celebrity impersonations.

We will compose and arrange music of any style for your project.

Check out our voiceover demos, above.

Fun Stuff!

Watch for Muji Karim!

His star is rising.

Muji A. Karim is a successful entrepreneur and world-class adaptive athlete. His story is a truly remarkable journey up, literally, from the smoldering ash of adversity. Muji emerged from a   crushing (high probability fatality), fiery automobile accident to survive (after flatlining twice) a severe head injury, burns over 30% of his body, loss of a hand, and loss of much of both legs.

Muji is a compelling inspirational speaker. His presentations to corporate, academic, and healthcare audiences are uplifting, enlightening, and memorable. He often includes well-received music and spoken word presentations.

Muji’s lyrics are moving, humorous, and clever. I am the lead composer and producer for the music of Muji’s recent works. Check out these samples below, visit, and look for Muji on iTunes! Shout out also to the power and beauty of Concetta and Gilda’s backing vocals.

Muji in Blades

Short Samples:

New Style | Vices | Thrive





Our exceptionally versatile talent group will compose, arrange, and produce any style of music for your promotional or other project or event. Our musical partners are truly amazing! Our partner studio, Cybersound of Boston, is “New England’s largest Virtual / MIDI production facility”.

Gilda Betancourt

Kenny Adamson

“The only two-time winner of Boston powerhouse station Kiss 108fm’s local artist composer-performer competition in the 1990s.”

Listen to some of Kenny’s favorites below!

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Kenny Adamson - Just Can't Get Enough

All songs written/copyright Kenny Adamson
Special thanks to Associate Producer Yuki Kanesaka.