Kenny Adamson

An extraordinarily versatile communications talent, Kenny works for clients large and small as a voice actor, copywriter, on-camera video talent, and composer- producer. Some of the most complex projects involving voice and music are no problem for Kenny and his partners.

Kenny has been a restaurant and private function pianist in Southern New England for more than 2 decades – delighting audiences with his signature blend of soft rock, smooth jazz and classical piano. Check him out on iTunes and YouTube!

Kenny on piano
Search “Kenny Adamson” for Kenny’s unique and eclectic compositions on iTunes.

iTunes Sample Kenny Adamson - Just Can't Get Enough (feat. Robert Gay)
iTunes Album Kenny Adamson - Just Can't Get Enough

Kenny works on an impressive array of voice and music projects.

“Kenny is one of the most talented guys you’ll meet anywhere!”

-Perry Geyer
Owner, Cybersound. “New England’s largest Virtual / MIDI production facility.”

Kenny served as project manager, lead voice talent, copywriter, and composer for a complex voice acting, copywriting and music production embedded in an internationally distributed consumer electronics product.

“You and your team were great. No mistakes!”

-Mitch Witten,
Senior Product Area Manager, Monster Products, Inc. (consumer electronics).

Kenny is a gifted pianist-composer.

“Kenny has become a regular pianist here at 2hopewell, not only because of his wonderful talent, but because of the impression he has left on those that enjoy his music and have had a chance to meet and talk to him.”

-Bill Driggs,
Owner of “2hopewell bistro and bar”, South Glastonbury, CT.